Friday, January 20, 2006

Punch your way to wellness

The punch-bag is back in place. I thought I’d been carrying around some excess stress…. Since the house-move the bag had been out of commission – so I bought a bracket from a man with dangerously bulging veins in a workout shop in Newcastle. By the time I’d bolted the bracket to the garage wall, I didn’t have the energy to hit the bag – but I needed to add a few finishing touches anyway.

I fashioned a plastic pouch for the front of the bag. In it I placed an image of an individual – someone who had annoyed me.

This has now developed into a ‘system’. The image changes frequently (sometimes it’s a current irritant, sometimes somebody from way back…). If I don't have access to a photograph, a biro sketch comes close (with the name added because I don’t draw very well). A photo is best, though. The picture invariably gives me the incentive I need to wallop and kick the bag until I reach breathless, sweat-drenched exhaustion.

Some individuals have made regular appearances on the bag: The Noise, The Chair, various tiresome ‘arts practitioners’. If I knew anything about voodoo, they’d all be too bruised to leave the house. Who needs a gym – just use your pain.

Maude had a go the other evening – she was feeling a little stressed after a long commute, so I suggested ‘the therapy of the bag’. I put my shoulder to the back of the bag, bent my knees and told her to give it her best shot. She sent me flying into the paint shelf – god bless her.

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