Thursday, May 27, 2010

Win win

Sadie, our volunteer, was in the office again today. She originally started working for us on the understanding that we would pay her. We forgot to do so a couple of times and now the issue is never raised. She is very polite and continues to bring tea and biscuits. We chat, it’s pleasant.

Today we discussed a variety of ideas for an internet business start-up. I suggested that artists are usually on the lookout for a bit of extra cash and that an escort agency staffed by artists could have legs. Sadie thought that this might demean, even depress, the artists.

I agreed, but pointed out that feeling demeaned and depressed can be the foundation of great art. Since great art eludes most of the artists we work with at the moment, ‘win, win’ springs to mind.

Also, most of the people we work with as ‘cultural practitioners’ are unable, by definition, to make enough money from their ‘art’ alone. If their ‘art’ was good enough for them to make a living from it they would do so. Many of them trumpet the fact that they want to ‘give something back’ and ‘engage’ young people, but they do get well paid for doing so. They might as well get paid for ‘giving something back’ and ‘engaging’ people who aren’t easily finding sex.

Sadie made some superb suggestions – way beyond her remit as a volunteer. The artists, she ventured, could be encouraged to advertise a combined ‘offer’ to potential punters: e.g. feltmaking with a ‘happy finish’ or willow sculpture followed by a bit of spanking with any leftover withies.


  1. I really do find this blog post gratuitously smutty. Also, as an artist myself, I find the suggestion that artists might as well prostitute themselves as deeply offensive. Can you find nothing more constructive to write about?

  2. There's no such thing as gratuitous smut. Blogs are a bit like TV - there is an off switch. Calm down and hit 'next blog'.