Friday, July 14, 2006

Who's your Jimmy?

There was a funny picture of Jimmy Kranky working its way around the office recently and it got original Susan to musing on the number of people who go to fancy dress parties done up as either Jimmy Saville or Jimmy Kranky.

She also mentioned having been to a 70’s party recently at which someone was dressed as Jimi Hendrix (he didn’t see much of the seventies, but an interesting choice nonetheless).

We passed a few happy minutes in drawing up a list of interesting fancy dress Jimmys:

Good Jimmys:
Instantly recognisable – iconic even. Recommended for anything other than children’s parties – trauma could occur.

Easily achieved look – with flashes of purple and an accurate wig. Accessories: Fender Stratocaster, lighter fuel.

I like this one – chiefly because I know several pint-sized bald small town boys who could carry this off with a falsetto and a tight white T-shirt.

This one’s a winner…isn’t it? A prosthetic chin a possibility. Better still a Jimmy Hill mask (could make drinking awkward).

Bad Jimmys:
I thought this was the king of the Jimmys until original Susan looked at his website and stated that she’d never heard of him. I felt old. I tried to conjure up the hilarity of his act: the wellies marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ and the literally timeless catchphrase ‘There’s more.....’, but the only smile she offered was one of pitiful indulgence.

You’d probably have to wear an uncomfortably hot outsized doll’s head to make this one work. Again, difficulties could be encountered when drinking, or kissing (due to size of doll’s head and repellent aspect, if the face is true to life). The trauma factor also returns here: children and adults could suffer.

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  1. Good stuff.

    See also:

    Jimmy Nail. Ideal for the pig-ugly male with straggly, greasy hair. For added realism, affect a weird pseudo-geordie accent with dialogue by Huggy Bear.

    "Hey maan, there's summit big gannin' down by the Tyne Bridge. I'm gannur check it oot."