Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chocolate Sandwich

‘But why would they need a recipe?’ asked Maude.

‘I don’t know. I suppose some people are not as talented in the kitchen as you are. Or maybe they are looking for ‘a new twist on an old favourite’…’

‘What’s to twist? Bread, chocolate, bread = chocolate sandwich.’

‘Maybe they are looking for a delivery service. They have the munchies of an evening and don’t fancy anything savoury ….’

‘Maybe. Why did you give your site such a silly name anyway? Is it a reference to your tough childhood.’

‘No, I didn't see any chocolate until I was 15. It’s a film reference.’

‘Of course it is. Did Doris Day make one for David Niven in ‘Don’t Eat the Daisies’?’

‘No, it’s named after a scene in a classic British film from the seventies.’

‘Oh, how arcane.’

‘It’s the social club scene in ‘O Lucky Man!’, if you must know. It’s a club act involving 2 white girls and 1 black man. I saw it at a formative age and it stayed with me.’

Maude’s face assumed the look that she gives her Year 11 boys if they are in danger of crossing a line of good taste.

‘Best keep that to yourself dear.’